Friday, November 11, 2005

How would we build a time machine

Nigel said...
This is a question. If time travel were possible, do scientists believe we could ever even approach having the technology capable of sending someone back in time? How would they go about building a "time machine"?
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Blogger mparent said...

Most of the current ideas for building a time machine are, at least currently believed, physically impossible. They involve things like going faster than the speed of light or infinitely long tubes etc... I know of one recent theory that I had mentioned previously that suggest a time machine that doesn't break any currently known physical laws. It involves a very large (planet size) toroid (doughnut shaped ring) that has gravity bent in a special way around it. This should then allow a ship to go through the center of it and travel back in time.
Another popular idea is to use wormholes. You'd need to hold two wormholes open. In order to hold a wormhole open longer than a few microseconds you'd need around the amount of energy stored in Jupiter. Then once both wormholes are open you would travel with one at near the speed of light. Then due to relativity you could get into the wormhole and travel back in time to when you began.
Obviously neither of these ideas would be technologically possible for many many years (probably at least centuries). We may also discover some new physical laws that throw these ideas out the window as well.

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Blogger Chris Tillman said...

Here are some further thoughts on the topic:

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Blogger PVMunchy said...

Would you even need a time machine? IF time travel is like i suggested it might be in the grandfather paradox strand where it is only your consciousness that travels, it doesn't seem like you would need any machine. Maybe time travel is just your mind taking off. Maybe it is like some people's dreams. In some cultures there are people who can see future or maybe past things in their dreams. Maybe they can travel through time in their dreams.

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Blogger PVMunchy said...

Also, I don't know if anyone here has ever watched the show Charmed, but one of the characters in it has premonitions where she can see future events and also what happened in the past. Would this be considered time traveling if it did exist since she doesn't change anything while she is seeing the other time?

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Blogger stet200 said...

Yes, I used to watch the show and I definately think that that would be considered time travel. Even though she is not changing anything in the past or present. I think of time travel as anything traveling to another point in time other than the present. And that is what is happening. She is not physically passing through time but her mind is. Her mind and conciousness are "supernaturally" in another place in time, so therefore you can say that is time traveling. And I dont believe that you have to change something in the past or future to time travel. I think its perfectly valid to say that you can time travel without changing anything.

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Blogger ewolf335 said...

that might be time travel, but then again it might also be a very powerful prediction that usually comes out to be true. here's the kicker though: i'm going to contradict myself. phoebe, the one with the premonitions, can touch clothing and see the past as well in her mind so that might actually constitute as time travel. For us though, if it were simply our minds moving back and forward in time, how could our minds be able to process everything? it sounds weird but wouldn't we need a host body or something to temporarily put our mindas into totime travel so we could witness the time we traveled to? a real noodle noggin =/

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