Wednesday, December 07, 2005

THe stupid grandfather paradox

I was going to do my research paper on the argument that time travel was possible. However, there seems to be no way around the grandfather paradox except for picky grammatical and word usages. Does anybody have any ideas? I really want there to be the possibility of time travel. That's why i took this course, and the stupid grandfather paradox is ruining everything!


Blogger frankd23 said...

I did the possibility of time travel for my second paper. I already posted a website of this tanscript of a tv show i once saw but ill give it to you again. Look for what Novikov said, he had some good stuff to say on the topic.
Also, I know the Lewis paper we read has some stuff that gets around the grandfather paradox. We didn't get that in it's entirety but I know Mr. Tillman has it. There are definately some good arguments that get around the grandfather paradox if you look hard enough.

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Blogger Significant Digits said...

There are actually numerous examples of ways around the Grandfather Paradox that don't even involve skipping dimensions. The general idea, though, is that you absolutely CANNOT change the facts of time. For example, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865 at Ford's Theatre. This is a fact of time. So if you travel back in time, you could not alter this fact, as it would result in metaphysical impossibility. However, you could be a contributor to the fact that John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln. For example, you could go back and end up selling Booth the gun he used on our 16th president. But I think to embrace influenceing time through time travel, you would absolutely have to take a deterministic view of time, because every influence you create must add to the fact that something, like Lincoln's assassination, happened. The fact that facts can't be changed means going back in time leads to approaching an inevitable deadline.

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Blogger Kermit said...

Time travel seems like such a paradox to me. If you were going back in time to save Lincoln from being shot, and you somehow caused the assassination to take place, then it only occurred because you were there. This means that the first time the situation happened, you weren't there (because you hadn't been born yet), so the assassination couldn't have occurred because it only happens if you are there. However, then you would have no reason to go back in time. It seems like this could apply to any situation, so I have trouble believing in time travel.

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Blogger Ben said...

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Blogger ewolf335 said...

time travel also happens to be the reason i had listed this class as one of my choices. The thing about the grandfather paradox though is that it only applies to changing the past. that doesnt hinder one from time traveling perhaps to simply witness events to verify truth, and observe things that we don't have in our history books. Now on changing the past, signifigant digits gave the example of Abraham Lincoln. Even if you attempted to stop Booth, the end result of Abe being assasinated would still apply because that act had the main repercussions. Abe would die either way if it was by Booth or anyone else. So time travel is possible, but changing the past isnt whch doesnt neccesarily mean u can't time travel.

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