Thursday, September 08, 2005

Space and Time Poll

Here are the results of our in-class Space and Time Poll:

1. Did time have a beginning? Yes: 5 No: 6 Not Sure: 1
2. Is there space beyond the universe? Yes: 6 No: 7 Not Sure: 1
3. Would time go on if everything else stopped? Yes: 7 No: 6 Not Sure: 1
4. Could space exist with nothing in it? Yes: 11 No: 2 Not Sure: 1
5. Is time travel possible? Yes: 8 No: 4 Not Sure: 2
6. Are there parallel worlds? Yes: 8 No: 3 Not Sure: 3
7. Could time go backwards? Yes: 4 No: 10 Not Sure: 1
8. Is there a fourth dimension of space? Yes: 11 No: 2 Not Sure: 1
9. Are space and time just constructions of our mind? Yes: 4 No: 8 Not Sure: 2

Fortunately, there is a fair amount of apparent disagreement in the responses. I say “apparent” because several of the questions seem unclear; perhaps if we figured out exactly what they are asking we would not disagree as much. (Hopefully we would still disagree a fair amount, however.) A good way to begin blog discussion is to either:

(i) Post a defense of your answer to one or more of the questions,
(ii) Present an argument in numbered premise-conclusion form in support of your answer to one or more of the questions, or
(iii) Post on what, exactly, you take one or more of the questions to be asking. (Some initial questions: What the heck is a parallel world? What, exactly, is meant by ‘dimension’ or ‘universe’? What would it mean for time to have a beginning? Does it mean that there was no time at any instant prior to the instant that time began?!?)


Blogger stet200 said...

I could not help but see the number of people who said that time could not go backwards. At first i was one who said that it couldn't, but after having time to think about it I think otherwise. In fact how do we know that time will not go backwards, we dont. And think if at some point time does reach a end point and starts moving back to the "beginning" of time. The reason why we think that time is not going backward is because we put a measure on time which seems like an infinite series...for example 200 BC, 300 AD, 2000...or in other words forward order. We cannot even prove that time "flows" or follows the measurement that we stuck to it. Think about this also. We measure time by "change" not by the type of change. So it could be very well the case that time is going backwards now while i type this post. Its not like cheesy TV shows when time goes backwards and we go backwards also. Change could be very well be moving forward while time goes backward. Does any one esle have any other thoughts about this?

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