Monday, September 12, 2005

Writing Assignment 2

Writing Assignment 2:

First: Present an argument from Le Poidevin for the conclusion that conventionalism about the metric of time is true or present an argument from Le Poidevin for the conclusion that objectivism about the metric of time is true. Try to make your argument valid. You do not need to state the form or forms by which the argument is valid.

Next: Briefly explain the premises. That is, state in a sentence or three why one might take the premise to be true.

Next: State which premise you think is false and why. Be brief.

Finally: Cite your source.

Note 1: This assignment should not take more than one page.

Note 2: There is no need to write the argument out in paragraph form. The format of your assignment should be as follows :

An Argument for the Conclusion that Blah

Premise 1:

Premise 2:

. . .

Conclusion: Therefore, conventionalism/objectivism about the metric of time is true.

Explanation of premise 1:

Explanation of premise 2:

. . .

I think Premise n is false because (etc.)


Please raise any questions you may have about the assignment by commenting on this post.


Blogger PVMunchy said...

I understand the writing assignment, but what is the problem set that is under Homework Assignment?

5:49 PM  
Blogger Chris Tillman said...

That is just to extract the other two arguments from Handout B that we did not do in class.

7:25 PM  

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