Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sources for Time

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy contains excellent introductions to problems pertaining to time as well as good sources for further reading:


Blogger frankd23 said...

There is also this really cool show called time lords that I just watched last night. Its all about the possibility of time travel. Theres even a small portion discussing an experiement with apparent faster than the speed of light results and another part on alternate universes. Its an awesome show and if you really wanted to buy it i can give you the info. I doubt anyone would go to such lengths though. An alternative is this website with the transcript on it. It definately gets the job done, I used it for my last essay.

ps. i still cant figure out how to post my own stuff, only comment on other peoples posts. If someone would like to fill me in that would be great.

6:34 AM  
Blogger mparent said...

Are you signing in from or going directly to the blog? When you goto and sign in it should have a list of your blogs and then you cn click on the link. From there the way to create a new post is a button in the upper left corner that says "Create new post"

8:37 AM  
Blogger frankd23 said...

I thought of a consistent time travel story tonight. I was watching austin powers and there is actually a part in the second one that makes sense. When Dr Evil and Frow (probly spelled wrong) make scott that is consistent. The actions of Dr. Evil in the past ensure the future. So instead of scott being made artificially, he was actually concieved. Who would have thought that austin powers is at least somewhat a consistent time travel story. Also, im still an idiot obviously because i cant post. i tried what mparent (i think) said but there are no blogs on my dashboard to choose from. its not even worth it at this point with only 3 weeks left of class.

9:58 PM  

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